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CMore 1 to 5X Scope

dfletcherdfletcher Member Posts: 8,148 ✭✭✭
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I have a CMore 1 to 5X scope whose history I can't quite nail down. I keep it on a Robinson Arms M96. I've heard & read everything from "nothing special" to expensive and unusual. Taking pictures & posting is beyond my ability, the scope is pictured on a thread from another site.

Any history or info on them would be appreciated.


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    Here is brief descriptive history:

    These were demo scopes for the military. It is a C-More Systems made by Colt Optical (no affiliation with Colt Mfg), 1-5x24 with bullet drop compensator for 5.56 out to 800 yrds and illuminated reticle with 8 different settings of brightness 0 (off) to 7 (brightest) the glass is from Swarovski with anti reflective lenses. Designed for special forces - DELTA, DEVGRU, and SEAL TEAMS, calibrated for .223. This scope has a 30MM Tube and is a True 1-5 X 24, It is Fully Illuminated (RED) with 7 Brightness settings. The anti-reflective properties will show up if using the bright light setting in a dark setting as little uniform specks. The scope has adjustable eye relief and can be focused for your eye. Complete, with anti reflective Swarovski glass that is excellent in CQB. Scope will range out to 800 Yards, simple adjustment on the top (SEE PICS). Calibrated in .223, with Left and Right adjustments in one click ? MOA (up to 25 adjustments left or right). There were 09 of these sent to be evaluated with the Military in North Carolina under a Special Forces test/evaluation contract. 100 were sent to Special ops Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a few were kept here. The first 9 were hand built @ a cost of $2500 per scope.

    Tanis McDanolds C-MORE systems
    540-347-4683 main
    540-347-4684 fax
    [email protected]
    Colt Optical - (703) 369-0091 Manassas, VA 20110

    As of today nearly every optical company has a low magnification variable scope on market for short range rifles like the .300 Blackout or the generic AR15/AR10. Most are illuminated and some are not depending on the price point desired.

    I have been fortunate enough to have been available for the testing of a couple of dozen of these scopes over the last few years. The range of quality was drastic as you might imagine. The lower end of the spectrum came with claims of incredible resolution and rugged construction, up to being nearly able to walk on water. Unfortunately, none ever survived the resolution tests which we performed in house. These were returned to the manufacturer with a polite note of thanks but no thanks.

    Now however there is a significant number of high quality, high dollar low magnification variable scopes ready and capable of best in class performance. The down side is the price point of course with these scopes starting at $1,500.00 and going up to nearly $3,000.00 for the very exclusive makes. While this may not bother you, your significant other may take great umbrage to some of your excesses. But as a friend of mine pointed out, take her to a better jewelry store and make a fuss about buying her something nice. Just be sure to include this shopping trip into the cost of purchasing your new scope.[;)]

    Top choices, as always, include Swarovsky, S&B, March and Nightforce. Most others are 'also ran' by resolution tests alone. But the best glass also commands the highest prices ($2,000 - $3,000) unfortunately. The $300 to $500.00 range will suffice for the novice and intermediate users but are not anywhere close to the best scopes.

  • dfletcherdfletcher Member Posts: 8,148 ✭✭✭
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    Thank you very much for the detailed information. I acquired the scope about 5 years ago through a friend who has a friend down around San Diego way. Mine is a bit scuffed up compared to the one pictured and came with a set of very sturdy QD rings.

    The "dot in donut" works very well for me and the scope itself is certainly overbuilt. I'm glad to know it's history - the link is very much appreciated.
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    I like the reference "dot in donut" better when compared to the reference used by the tactical guys of 'circle of death'. I don't condemn their use of that descriptor because when a given specific set of parameters is met, simply placing that circle on the chosen target and pulling the trigger usually results in a downed target, whether paper, steel or head of game.

    A bit scuffed up doesn't bother me and sturdy is always good in my opinion. Congratulations on your acquisition.

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