mauser action need help

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i removed the bolt from my 30-06 churchill for cleaning and wanting to strip it completly down i tried following directions in a book i have and they don't seem to be working. twisting on the back of the bolt something turned and snapped in a position where i can't even install the bolt back into the receiver, i thought that i might have cocked or uncocked the action but don't know for sure. i think it might be uncocked because the firing pin protrudes about a sixteenth of an inch but i can't seem to recock the action.. one strong spring , any tricks out there that might help me out.


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    the cocking pice ( the part sticking out the end of the bolt) has a rectangle spur on its bottom that rides in the recever channel clamp it into a vise and pull on the bolt body when the cocking piece clearc the bolt sleave stick a penny(one cent coin) in to the gap. The bolt can now be taken apart. Do not remove the spring from the firing pin as you will need a special tool to get it back togeather.
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