Opinions on value of French needle gun?

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I'd welcome opinions on a rifle I'm considering.It is a Chassepot needle gun.All matching.No bluing.Very good wood.Metal somewhat worn, but markings are legible.Bore shows plenty of rifling, bright and shiny.Mfg. is ChatilleraultMle 1866Dated 1871


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    The Chassepot is of great historical importance, as the principal French infantry weapon in the Franco-Prussian War (and your 1871 date may put it in war-manufacture range). Of course, the French lost that war, but not due to their rifles. In fact, the Germans so preferred them to their own Dreyse rifles, which they greatly outranged, that they often exchanged them on the field, and many Chassepots have German markings.The main reason for that superiority was a rubber gas-seal system, since neither country yet used a metallic cartridge. Unfortunately, most of those seals have now rotted away, as the combination of black powder and incompletely burnt linen or paper cartridge fouled the chambers badly.
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    A few years ago there was an article in "Single Shot Exchange" on getting one to shoot. It included info on making a new gas seal & making ammo for it. A very interesting article, if you decide to buy the gun, you may want to contact them, for a copy of the article.WOODS
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