Sendero Question "good buy?"

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Ok, A local "pawn shop" which is also our bigest gun shop in our area has a Sendero that has been fired they have all the papers and the box. The gun is in excellent shape and I was wondering what would be a good buy on it?700 Sendero25-06black composite not the stainless fluted model $525 out the door ?


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    So far I have 2 Senderos. The first one is a 300 mag that I paid $750 for new with a base, rings, and bipod. The second is a 270 that I got for $450 unfired, but sold as new since it had been registered, then traded in at a local shop. He started out at $640, and it was listed at $579 the day he decided to offer it to me at $450. He later stated he wasn't sure why he sold it so cheap. I know that the new senderos go for around $600 wholesale, and he sells them listed at $690 for new. These prices are all on black matte finish with the synthetic stock. The stainless flutes are listed at $789 in his store. Hope this helps, and good luck.
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    I love my Sendero. $525 sounds on the high side of reasonable. look at it this way if it helps, once you find the bullet it wants to shoot, which it will show you if you try all premium brands, you will not sell it for less than $500 yourself. I would be hard pressed to get rid of my 7mm mag Sendero. Great gun, great stock, great trigger (adjustable). great barrel.
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