S&W Model 65, do I need another one?

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I have a S&W 65 with a 4" barrel. I came across a 65 with a 3" for $250. Do I need it? Should I keep the 4"? Sell the 4" for the 3"? or buy it and keep both. What advantage does one have over the other?Roy


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    I checked wit my wife. She says size does matter, Keep the 4.
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    As I asked before: What does NEED have to do with it? Of course buy it!
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    Not only do you need and want this one. You are going to need and want the one after this one.
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    I am a big S&W enthusiast, count mine in dozens. If you could sell the 4" you have and buy the 3" I would highly reccomend it. Model 65's are very common police trade in guns and most come in 4". A 3" gun is more attractive to buyers as it is more concelable. I think the 3" is a much better value for the same amount of money.
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    Funny thing about those 4in barrels! I think all K should have 3ss and N should have 5ss.dennis
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    Now that the excitement is over, I went to look at it again (local pawn shop). The gun comes out to $270 with tax and the cold hearted bitty behind the counter will not budge from the price; she said something about it being deer season or something. The frame screws are buggered and it's in desperate need of an action job. I pointed out some other flaws and even showed her the page in her blue book that she uses to price guns that she was a little over priced, but since I like the gun, I'd be willing to dish out the $250 (including tax). No Dice! The other manager I usually deal with will not be in until next week and he would probably cut me a deal but by then the gun will be gone, but you never know...I'm a good customer, I've bought at least 6 guns from them and other tools & stuff, but I guess cash doesn't talk with the old bitty with her mind set on the right sounding price.Roy
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    My "signature line" pretty much says it all.I also believe, "when in doubt", buy it!!!!
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    All the model 65 4" that I have seen are square butts while the 3" are round butts and are worth more.
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    I'd try to get it for under $250 'out the door' (tax included. Deer season has nothing to do with this arm as most states require a minimum barrel length for hunting handguns (better shot placement "for most shooters", and less concealability "for the wardens") and I've never heard of 3 inch barrels meeting the minimum requirements.
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    The 3in. 65 makes an excellent carry gun. The mid-length heavy barrel gives the pistol excellent balance, a decent length sight plane compared to a 2 1/2in revolver, full length ejector rod and ballistics that more closely approximate the performance of a 4in. barrel. For concealability, when it comes to revolvers, grip design is actually more critical than barrel length. Just don't use soft rubber grips-they're tougher to drag out from under clothes.[This message has been edited by Txs (edited 11-04-2001).]
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