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Western Marshall .44 Magnum

pparkerpparker Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
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I have a JP Sauer and Sons .44 Magnumn Revolver. I understand that there were not alot of these weapons made. I would like to know what the weapons is worth. The weapon is in very good shape. The cylinder is very tight. The only problem with the weapon is that the blue is flaking in the groves. The weapon is on an aluminum frame with a wooden handle.


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    HAWES was the Importer and Sauer was the maker....The Western Series came in Calibers .22 to 44Mag/44-40 There were over 15 differant Models of the Western Style Six Shooter Produced...The Gun You discribe is valued at around $200.00 in Excellent Condition...No Great Collector Value..............

    Captain Kirk, Tech Staff
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