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Best Mini14/Ranch Rifle Magazines

ContacFrontContacFront Member Posts: 1,113 ✭✭✭✭✭
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What are the best magazines for the Mini 14/Ranch Rifle? I keep on hearing John Mason Magazines but have not had any luck finding any.


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    drobsdrobs Member Posts: 22,549 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    You may want to post this over in the General Discussion Forum as their are a couple members here that have had luck with a new magazine. I think it's called a Black Warrior sold by

    I had no luck with Mini 14 mags, sold my Mini 14 a few years ago and bought another AR.

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    RUGERGUNZRUGERGUNZ Member Posts: 5,638 ✭✭
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    For 5 rounders I go with Factory.

    For 10 rounders I go with Pro-Mag, and I get them from Sportsmans Guide.

    For 11+ rounds, the best is Ruger Factory.

    John Masen has a website

    I have never used his mags, but have heard good things.


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    RDTRDT Member Posts: 52 ✭✭
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    Masen mags are almost identical to factory Rugers but are 10 rounders. They work great. I have had good luck with PMImags in steel and Thermold and eagle mags in plastic. I am not sure how long the eagle mags will last but they work good when new. The Thermolds are almost indestructable. Factory Ruger high caps are just to much $$$. There are a lot of junk mags out there for mini 14's. Maybe this will improve with the high cap ban removed.
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    gap1916gap1916 Member Posts: 4,977
    edited November -1
    factory mags for 5 and 20 round magazines. [8D]

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