Savage mod. 93 17 hmr

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Savage 93 in 17 hmr. Frequent miss fires. Changed firing pin, head space ok. Could this be the main spring? Input welcome. Thanks.


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    Could be the ammo? What does the dent in the case look like and is it the proper location. Have you checked the amount of firing pin protrusion. Yes a weak spring could case issues. Perhaps you could shim it a little to test the concept.
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    Pin protrusion is correct. Different ammo makes no difference.
    The firing pin is very narrow. Same as the original. Cases indent
    deeper than most rimfires. I will try the shim bit and test again.
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    Different types of rimfire ammo, have given me ignition problems in the past. Both 22 Mag and 22 LR. My go-to ammo, has been Federal. To remedy this.

    Not all Federal 22 LR ammo, is primed the same though. Auto Match and American Eagle. Will function, when other flavors of Federal 22 LR won't.

    Never had any experience, with any 17 HMR firearms. Don't even know, if Federal makes 17 HMR ammo? If they do give it a try.

    My recent experience, with fail to fire in rifles. Has led me to the conclusion. That the hammer or striker spring is the main culprit. If the Federal 17 HMR doesn't work. Either shim or get a heavier spring.
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    Common problem on that rifle, with three problems that cause it.
    They use the bolt handle root as the locking lug, it wears and causes a head space issue.
    Rough and/or misaligned firing pins drag inside the bolt body.
    Weak firing pin spring.
    Contact Savage customer support, they'll fix it for you.
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    To add to rufe's reply, make sure the mainspring and firing pin move freely in their channel and are not impeded in any way.
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    Firing pin has been polished and moves freely.
    Only thing left is the striker spring.
    Thanks for all the input. and have a great week.
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