"Henry" .22 question

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Do they offer the "Gold Model" in the 16" round barrel? Thanks


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    The Golden Boy Youth model, "H004Y", is not available with a round barrel. The Golden Boys have alway had an octagon barrel:


    Now, if you remember that, a couple of times & several years ago, one of Henry's employees (perhaps, the late Paul Manos) got permission to manufacture a limited number of "golden" barrel bands & receiver covers for the H001-series of lever action .22 Henrys (including the youth model & the "Lever Carbine", both with 16" barrels). NONE of these parts was ever offered in their catalog, and this was only for the members of a specific Internet forum. This could be what you are thinking about. If you go to one of the "rimfire" forums, and look in the "centrally-located" "Henry" section, then you might ask for someone to sell you his golden H001-series pieces.



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    Big Loop- Bingo. Much appreciated. I thank you.
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    You are welcome. ...and I forgot to say that the golden-colored parts are refered to as "Brasslite" receiver cover & barrel band.


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