S&W Police Slug unopened cases

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Today I found 3 cases of Smith & Wesson that were unopened. They are labeled as "Police Slug" loads, are 2 3/4", and do have Fiochi listed on the box as well, so I guess they are loaded by them. Are these very collectable? If I remember right, these are some of the first sabot slugs that came to market in the 70's. I have not been able to find anything online about them at all, because all the search engines send me to all kinds of places other than what I am looking for.

Should I open a case and see? Or will they be worth more unopened?


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    A few years ago 4 rounds and a correct box sold for $20. The description included terms like sabot and Fiochi.
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    Code No. 50441 (one end of the box has the code number) Police Slug. The head stamp may be S W F 12 12 USA.

    Smith & Wesson-Fiocchi, Inc., Alton, Illinois. Pat. Pend. Made in U.S.A. The back of the box: "The SMITH & WESSON Police slug loads contained herein have superb rifle accuracy. They are for Law Enforcement situations where it is necessary to penetrate automobile engine blocks, bodies, and heavy barricades. The extra hard alloyed Police slug is centered in the gun bore by a plastic sleeve (sabot), which falls away when the slug-sleeve assembly leaves the gun barrel. Use only in modern shotguns in good condition chambered for 2 3/4" shells or longer, choked improved cylinder, or cylinder. Use SMITH & WESSON Deer slugs in full choked barrels. These shells must not be used in Damascus or twist steel barrels. We warrant the exercise of reasonable care in manufacturing SMITH & WESSON shotgun shells, but make no other warranty expressed or implied."
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    11b6r, you are exactly correct! The code number 50441 is on the ends of the cases, and all the other markings are there as well.

    I traded into an Ithica hogslayer rifled shotgun, and was thinking of using this ammo in it, but it seems that being a hardened slug it might not do too well for use on game.
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