Glock Vs Springfield XD

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Please critique both. Can't decide what I want.


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    I have shot both of these hand guns in .45 ACP. No problem so far
    My concern is the lack of a grip safety on the Glock. I don't know of any failures on the Glock safety, but I always feel loke it's just waiting to go off. Any coments on either gun????? THX Keith
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    I'm not a fan of plastic guns. Barrels shorter than 4" in an autoloader for 45ACP seems like asking for issues.

    I guess I would pick the one that felt best in my hand and I could shoot well with it.
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    quote:Originally posted by charliemeyer007
    I'm not a fan of plastic guns. Barrels shorter than 4" in an autoloader for 45ACP seems like asking for issues.

    I guess I would pick the one that felt best in my hand and I could shoot well with it.

    Yep, that's why I carry a Springfield XD. It fits my hand much better than the Glock and eats anything I feed it.
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    Personally I'm still not buying anything from Springfield because of that whole Illinois gun dealer licensing Fiasco.
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    I've had both and much prefer the Springfield. Looks better, feels better in hand, etc.
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    Gave away my XD-45. Was never comfortable carrying it, though never had a problem. Prefer a cocked and locked 1911 Commander size.

    Between the two, were I ever to buy a plastic 45 again, it would probably be a Made in USA Glock vs. the Croatian XD.
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    I have 2 XD's and 13 Glocks. They all have their strong points. I do shoot my Glocks much more than the XD's since the Glocks fit me better.

    Glocks have 3 internal passive safeties that have worked fine for years. Your "concern" at the lack of a grip safety on Glocks is a mental block on your part.

    When my department switched from Sig pistols to Glocks we had a few officers who could not get past the fact that Glocks did not have visible hammers. There was something about seeing the hammer that made these guys feel better, but it had no basis in logic.
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    And, speaking of Sigs, have you looked at the P-320? I have an XD, a Walther CCP, a H&K USP and an M&P. I have tried Glocks from the V-1 through today, I would prefer any of the above to any Glock I have tried. BUT, that's why there are Fords and Chevys, right?
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    Traditionally, gun safeties were a device that, when engaged, prevented the gun from firing when the trigger was pulled. Somehow, Glock applied the word "safety" to 3 parts that do not prevent the gun from firing when the trigger is pulled. It makes a lot of people very angry when one points this out.

    The trigger is indiscriminate as to what pulls it. It could be a finger, a pen, part of a jacket or shirt, a holster, etc.

    The XD is nice, because if the grip safety is not depressed, the gun will not fire. A lot of XD owners reholster by unwrapping their thumb from the frame and putting it on the backplate. This ensures the gun will not fire while you reholster it.

    If you are nervous about holstering your glock without a safety, there's a product that replaces the backplate and replicates the movements people often use when reholstering the XD. https://www.range365.com/glock-gadget

    *I have a Glock 17, XD40 Service, XD40 Subcompact, and XDS45
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    Most if not nearly all of so called safety related glock misfires or accidental discharges or malfunctions have zero to do with a mechanical failure...

    Blame can and should be placed mostly with poorly trained law enforcement officers and private owners who do not understand how the platform works or don't practice enough to have the correct muscle memory or skill level to safely operate the gun in question.

    I am not a fan of glock or the oft copied integral trigger safety systems but that's based on design philosophy not mechanical liability or integrity.

    I am happy with my Smith and Wesson model 469 early wonder nine high cap semiautomatic pistol - designed to meet a military police spec - with traditional manual safeties and decocker.

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