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I've been thinking about getting a Remington 7400, 740, or 742 in 30-06. What kind of accuracy could I expect compared to a bolt-action in the same caliber?

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    Not as accurate.

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    I have a 150th Anniversary Model 742 that shoots 3 out of every 4 in a 1.5" group at 100 yards, but for some reason or another, it throws one shot about 3-4" high? Never have figured out why that is happening?? Anyone have a clue?

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    I have shot quite a few of the 740 and 7400's (but not any 742's that I can remember) and they weren't as accurate as most quality bolt guns, but they are more accurate than most military surplus type guns.
    I think they are really missing a great opportunity by using these guns design and chambering them for shorter-range calibers. I would love to see a Remington carbine in 45-70, .44 mag, and the like. Ya know, an awesome gun for under 100 yard use, in carbine length.

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    I bought a used 742 carbine in .30-06 at a gun show about 10 years ago for my 3nd oldest Son. His first gun. It did then, and it does now shoot 4 shot groups into .750" at 100 yards. It is, BY FAR, the best shooting rifle I have ever puschased. After shooting it, I tried lots of ways to be an Indian Giver and get it back from him, but he won't do it. It doesn't shoot that well for him, and he outshoots me with darn near everything else we have. He will not let me have the rifle.

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    I have let him know that he will be punished for this attitude, but that doesn't seem to bother him.

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    Ha ha ha to Doug's post! LOL

    My daughter has the same attitude problem but she's learning! She can make excuses with the best of us. "Must have been a gust of wind downrange" "Darn mirage" "The powder scale must have gotten bumped"

    I have a 7400 in 30/06 that shoots 3/4" with factory loads. I have also owned a 742 that did the same. Accuracy is not an issue in my opinion but they do have TERRIBLE triggers! The 7400 is not quite as bad. One nice thing about them is the recoil is not a sharp kick but rather a long push. Much gentler.....

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    Should your thots move from thinking to desire, Have a Rem. Model 4 '06 BDL, and a model 740 standard available. GW. [email protected]
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    Hey Doug,
    Just remember it is your children that will choose your nursing home.

    I have a 30-06 742 that I got from my dad about 20 years back. It was and still is quite accurate.
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    My Sons are committed to making sure that I never make it to a nursing home - one way or another!
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    Here's my two cents,I've had very good success handloading for the semi's with WW748 powder and 150grain pills,also I have available a model 740 in 'o6, my email is [email protected]
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    I had a 742 30/06 that was quite accurate. It really liked the 200 grain Sierra bullets which were available from Federal. I shot one group of 1/2 inch (3 shots). If the group was over 1.25 inches, I felt I was not doing my job. I like to use too much coffee as a reason. I consider it comparable to my bolt actions in accuracy. Of the 10 or so Remingtons I have owned, all were accurate. Regards.
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