Davenport 12 ga. s/b

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How much would one of these be worth in bood shape


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    $35 - $50 if it has a fluid steel barrel... less if it is damascus.

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    Seems that you have one of the very few Collectable Single Shot Shotguns in your pocession...This don't happen very often.
    The W.H. Davenport Gun Company of Providence, R.I. 1889-1883, Norwich, Conn., 1890-1900 was a Maker of Quality Guns..and made Commercial Hunter Grade Guns..The most Notable is the 8 Ga., Double Barrel, Side by Side....Davenports Single shots were made in various Guages and with Steel Barrels...The shocker in this case is the fact that the value on these Guns are so high....Normally $50.00 to $100.00 in the discription you provided....But Your Davenport is worth $250.00.....

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