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first off, the cetme is not a clone of the hk91
the hk 91 is a civilian legal semi automatic clone of the Heckler and Koch Gewehr 3 or G3. the first year of the cetme model C rifle (the rifle century arms is selling) was 1958. the first year of the HK91 was 1977
theres a bit of a time difference there.

second. the german army was allowed to have firearms again after the war. They bought a CRAP LOAD of FN FAL rifles that they designated as G1. It turned out that the G1 was not as reliable as they had hoped, so they opened up trials for a new rifle. The CETME Modelo 58 design won, and Heckler and Koch was awarded the contract to start making them. They were CETME Modelo 58 rifles.
There were lots of German engineers from Mauser who went to work at CETME. CETME did not produce rifles on a large scale, they were a design / engineering division who made prototype rifles. The company who actually made CETME rifles was Santa Barbara in Spain.
the great Dr Voss was one of the engineers who worked for CETME that was a Mauser engineer before the war.

The weapon was designed in spain by a mix of Spanish, and German engineers. The CETME Model A was made LONG before the G3, or the model C cetme. but the STG44, STG45 were around before the cetme, and the cetme was a descindant from them.
so, it goes a little something like this

cetme model a
cetme model 58
cetme model C, and HK G3 same time

so the G3 is an improvement of the cetme. the cetme is an improvement of the stg 45, and so on, and so on, and so on.

The cetme rifles are great rifles. They are the reason Heckler and Koch are even in business today. Without the design of the G3, HK might not be making firearms to this date. They might be making toasters instead.

I would do a little research on the subject before buying ANY firearm. Go to the above resources and ask them what they think about the rifle before blowing your hard earned money. There are alot of knowledgeable folks that will bend over and help you anyway they can.

go here and ask about the cetme rifle

those folks will give you the STRAIGHT scoop on these rifles.

I have a CETME, and its been the best rifle ive ever owned.



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