10 guage shotgun

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I would like to put on auction this gun with some type of reserve and would like to know some general value. It is a double barrel--10 guage shotgun--with hammers and has the name J MANTON imprinted on both sides above the trigger area. Scrolling on metal and stock. There is a crack in the stock. [email protected]


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    I got a reference that says that these were possibly imported from Europe and sold by Folsom Arms Co.
    If there are proofs on the barrels and watertable, we can tell.
    If the barrels are damascus, it's just a wallhanger, with no great value.
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    Welcome to the Ask the Experts FORUM Golfbug!
    Before Anyone can answer your question about your Shotgun, We'll have to figure out just exactly what you pocess...My DATABASE shows Two [2] Joseph Manton's making Guns...One in London and another in Belguim..
    Is Your Gun a Percussion or Pinfire or Centerfire....?
    JOSEPH MANTON of London, England was a maker in the Late Flintlock and Early Percussion Period....which would mean the Barrels are 100% sure to be DAMASCUS...Manton used Light Engraving and Gold Enlays....In Good Condition is Valued at $750.00 to $1000.00...............
    JOSEPH MANTON and Company of Leige, Belguim was active in the Late 1890's to about 1905..Maker of Breechloading Shotguns...No Relationship as been proven between the Two Manton's...So it must be assumed that Joseph Manton of Belguim was making KNOCKDOWNS for the Export trade to the America's..! This is where a Belguim Maker uses a Known Name in the the Gun trade, but changes the Spelling just enough to catch an unweary buyer...Who believes He's getting a High Dollar, Quality Gun...and only later comes to Discover that he in Fact has a Look alike that is of inferior Quality and Grade...
    JOSEPH MANTON of Belguim made Both Hammer and Hammerless Shotguns and in Both Steel and Damascus Barrels being offered...No mention of Engraving is made anywhere in Cross referancing this maker...
    These Belguim Guns are what We here in the States call Hardware Guns.. Sold thru Hardware Stores, Mail Order and even Department Stores..They were Low End and Sold from $15.00 to upwards of $35.00 or more..depending upon the Quality...I've heard of some of these Hardware Store Guns being Sold for the heafty sum of $50.00...
    Value Wise these guns are on the Low End of the spectrum...$150.00 to $200.00 for Damascus and Maybe $275.00 to $300.00 for Steel...Yours,... with a Cracked Stock is Gonna shoot the value in the Patootie..!Wither it be and English made gun or Belguim....Look under the Breechend of the Barrels..if there is an Oval with the letters E over LG in its center...then its Belguim made..ELG is the Belguim FINAL Proof House....You can assume that 50% of the value is Gone......Hope this has been of some small help in your search for knowledge......Respectfully............

    Captain Kirk, Tech Staff
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