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White Oak Armament barrels

TANK78ZTANK78Z Member Posts: 1,279 ✭✭✭
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Anyone use White Oak armament's AR 223/556 Wylde chamber barrels on their builds?
I am thinking of buying one of their heavy bull 18" varmint barrels in 1/8 twist
and would like to hear any pros or cons from users experienced with them.


  • nononsensenononsense Member Posts: 10,934 ✭✭✭✭
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    Sorry you had to wait for an answer but I've been working out of town for a week or so and I haven't had time to see the questions I needed to respond to or I missed them.

    White Oak Armament does not manufacture their own barrels as is the case with most gun makers. The art of barrel making is tedious, time consuming and specialized to the point that most gun makers buy from a dedicated barrel maker and work from there.

    This is the situation with White Oak Armament, they buy their blanks from Shilen then contour them in their shop to the style and lengths they want. They chamber and thread them then fit the parts to them for builds or sell them separately for others to build with.

    Shilen barrels are button rifled barrels which are much faster to make which suits them to a production type scale of operation. They can make more barrels faster than say a cut rifle barrel maker with the same number of spindles. This doesn't make them a bad barrel just cheaper to make and sell at a higher profit margin. It takes minutes to make a button barrel but 1-1/2 hours to make a cut rifled barrel. Button barrels are also slightly softer due to the method of rifling when compared to the cut rifle method.

    I have not used any of WOA barrels because I use Bartlein barrels for nearly every build including all AR10's. But everything I've read and heard from folks who do use them is that they are a very decent barrel for both fit/finish and accuracy. I think that the Wylde chamber is the only chamber I use now with any AR15's I build. There is no sense to using something not set up for both types of ammunition.

    The trick to attaining accuracy with any barrel is that the chamber is concentric with the bore, is the proper size and round (not oblate) and headspaced correctly. The bore also need to be consistently the same diameter throughout the entire length. The crown has to be perpendicular and concentric to the bore line.

    I've looked at some of their prices which seem to be in line with most other button barrel suppliers so my assumption is that you will get a good deal from WOA.

  • TANK78ZTANK78Z Member Posts: 1,279 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Thank you for your info , I will probably still go with WOK as they have what I want and other reviews seem pretty positive.
    Thanks, Bob
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