Let's Talk Barrels, Pt2

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Button or Cut, which do YOU prefer....and why??

I want to thank y'all for the responses in Pt1, and assure everyone that I'm ACCUTELY aware that the barrel is but a small part of the overall equation
Let 'er rip!


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    Wanted man,

    As nononsense and tsr1965 both pointed out the Bartlein 'cut rifled' barrel is pretty much winning everything in the competition world. Which competitions I can't exactly say, but I do know they are tops in the long range world.

    That is also why I posted Bartlein first. The reason my favorite is Shilen is because I have shot some outstanding groups and scores with the ones I have. The caveat here is I compete once in a while on a small scale. Again, the guys that are doing it week in and week out are using Bartlein 5R barrels. I had my cut/button rifle barrel list out of true but that doesn't negate how well the one maker is doing above everyone else right now.

    That said, while everything we do in putting a rifle together is important, there are no more important factors than a) the barrel, as it guides the bullet as straight as possible, and b) the bullet, as it is the object needing a true start and once that happens must remain in balance the duration of it's flight in order for the guide (barrel) to have sent it true to the point of aim. The barrel is a huge part of how well a rifle shoots.
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