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Hi again, I need some help on idenity of some derringers. I have an engraved Remington derringer, with pearl grips. It does have a number on bottom of barrel (798). I also have one that is not engraved with ivory grips, no. 1220. I would like to know what model they are, when made and some ideas on value if that is possible. I have included some pictures, and have more on Photo Bucket. Thanks for any help....Mark
Also I have a topic on the Colt derringer, looking for similar info...thanks if you can help. Here is the link to photo-bucket:
http://s128.photobucket.com/albums/p199/MTaylor_photos/Remington Derringers/

Pic no 1
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    A widow in my church is wanting to sell her husband's guns to help pay funeral expenses. I took some of the guns to a local shop for appraisal. Among them was a Remington Derringer, nickel plated in 41 Rimfire. The dealer believes that the gun is a Type 4 and valued at a max of $1250. I can only find the number "94" on the little gun. Can anyone give me some help on this one? I really want to help the lady out if possible.

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    A friend has recieved a Remington Derringer. It appears to be a rimfire. What finishes and cailibers were these manufactured in? I haven't had the opportunity to mike or slug the barrel so I am not sure of the caliber. The only marking that I can find other than the Remington arms Co is the stampning appearing to read 119. I do not have acces to a camera at this time for pictures.
    Any help wpould be appreciated.
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    The 3rd model Remington Derringer .41 was made 1888-1910. They were batch numbered, so can not be dated. Is there any way to tell if one is a pre-1899 antique, or are they all considered modern?
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    I have a Remington Derringer, I thin model 41. The SN is 4979xx any idea as year manufacture and worth? Thanks
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    I recently aquired a third model Remington .41 rimfire derringer. The left side hinge is broken. Is it worth having it fixed or should I just leave it alone?
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    Most common blued or nickeled. Various presentation ones that are very rare might be found engraved and gold plated.

    41 rimfire is what they were chambered for. Made for many years from the 1860's until the 1930's. Because of this they aren't uncommon or extremely valuable. Serial numbered in "lots" not consecutively. Various marking are only way to tell approximate age.

    The barrel hinge is very fragile, because of this many are found with broken hinges.

    EDIT #1, You might want to check out the completed auctions on the auction side of the Gun Broker site. A number of Remington Derringers have been sold recently. It might help you get a ballpark value on the one your inquiring about.
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    Well, I can't answer the question definitively, but the "classic" Remington derringer was chambered in .41 rimfire, aka 41/100, and these are fairly common.

    That round fired a nice fat 130 grain .41 caliber bullet at a "slow pitch" 425 feet per second. If you've ever fired rounds that slow at the range, you can actually seem them travel through the air in good light!

    Value, obviously, is dependent on condition, but if you have one that's intact and in excellent condition it could be worth over $1000.
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