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I like the looks of the taurus pt-22 and would appreciate any comments regarding these guns.
Im shopping for a small pistol w/manual safety in 22LR.
Also considering the Beretta 21.
Other suggestions welcome and appreciated.
Thank You.


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    S&W 61-2 Bought one recently. Functions well with Rem Goldens and fun to shoot.
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    Had one of the Beretta's years ago. Didn't care for it. The grips diameter was to thick, because the recoil spring is in the grip. Also they weren't checkered, this cause it to pivot in the hand when firing, engaging the manual safety.

    As this was over 25 years ago, don't know if these concerns have been rectified.

    Other wise it's a excellent double action little pistol. I would have kept it if the grips and manual safety had been better designed.
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    I've got one and the grips are still smooth, but I have never had it twist in my hand or cause the safety to go on. Maybe I grip it tighter. The safety has never caused any problems. In fact, the safety is so stiff, it takes a very positive effort to put it on and I never use it. I carry one chambered, with the hammer down so I can put it into action pretty quickly. Safety isn't much of a concern as the trigger pull is stiff enough that you won't be accidentally pulling it. Mine shoots well and isn't picky about ammo. One other nice thing it has is that the DA is true DA and if you get a misfire you CAN pull the trigger a few more times and get a real hammer drop on the cartridge. I recommend the pistol. [:)]
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    The Taurus PT-22, and PT-25, are Beretta look alikes. Thats where it ends. The PT-22 is a DOA operation mode, so it is safe to carry with a loaded chamber. I have heard of a lot of broken firing pins on these, and the only way to get parts, is to ship it back to Taurus. Again, Taurus quality, typically varies.

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    Ten years ago we met a LEO who carried a Beretta 21 as a back-up in a wallet holster.My wife liked it so she got one off GB auctions.She carried it for years in the wallet holster but now uses a pouch type on her belt.She carries it daily around the place for rodents,snakes ,etc.Very accurate for its size and the pop-up barrel is a nice feature.
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    i have had both. sold the taurus due to it being DAO. the beretta is more user friendly i think and very accurate. i can usually keep 6 out of 7 rds in a 5 gal bucket @ 50 yds with mine
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    I have a M21, but it failed to feed reliably; when I get a chance, I'll try a bunch of different brands of ammo & see if I can find one that is good.

    In the meantime, the M950 in .25 ACP is my choice for backup. It's smaller, lighter, & totally reliable.


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    I've got an Iver Johnson Tp-22 which is a copy of the Walther TPK in .22 (its like a mini PPK). This is single-action with an interesting manual safety that blocks the firing pin at the front AND back.

    Mine is reliable when clean, and (interestingly) even runs the cheapo bulk .22 hollowpoint ammo OK. When NOT clean (which takes about 50-100 rounds) the gun will jam, or worse, double!

    If you "must" have a .22LR pocket pistol, I'd take a look at these. Actual Walther is probably better, but those cost an arm and a leg (ie German ones are >$1000, if you can even find one for sale; very few were legally imported).

    Personally, I don't much care for any of these small .22 autos. I bought the above one partly because it was a novelty, and partly because it was the smallest gun I could find legally in MA.

    Lots of the small .22s are unreliable, they're relatively bulky and heavy, and the .22 round itself is anemic.

    These had their day, but IMO, for any experienced shooter who can physically rack the slide and handle the recoil snap, the polymer pocket .380s are better. There are ones with external safeties too if you must have that feature (ie the Sig copy of the Colt Mustang, etc).
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    tp-22 is a good one ...sterling is all steel & hammerless, prefer 22 quik-shok over 25....have or had most smaller 22s
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    My Walther TPH and Berreta 951 are the only .22 pocket pistols that I trust.
    To be fair, the others I've owned were sterlings and other cheapies.
    I wouldn't rely on either to be more than a threat to a human.
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    For subcompact 22's, I have an original German blue TPH which works very well.

    I also have a Jennings J22 which actually shoots very well, but then how much trust do you want to put in a zinc gun?
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