Winchester 1895 Lever Action

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I have a Winchester 1895 lever action rifle. It is in caliber 7.62mm. (7.62x54R) and was made in 1916 according to a serial number search. The barrel is 22?" long. The receiver is cut for loading five round Russian stripper clips. There is also another cut milled into the receiver left side for what I assume is a Lyman #21 type receiver sight. There also appears to be a screw in the forward mounting hole for the #21 sight. The existing rear sight appears to be a musket type sight which in addition to being elevation adjustable, is adjustable left & right. The front sight is one I've not seen on 1895's before. The stock has a repair bolt through it in the grip area. The serial number is 2577xx.

My questions are:

1) Does it look like I can put on a Buffalo Arms #21 Blued Lyman type sight?

2) Is this one of the Russian contract rifles and if so, do you think it's a contract overrun or a bring back that was modified, or what?

3) Any other help or suggestions are welcome.





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