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I have heard it is common for pt-22s to have firing pin problems.
I understand taurus has been good about repairing broken firing pins.
Can someone tell me if taurus remedies whatever flaw or flaws has been the cause of pin failures or do they simply get you back to where you started?
I like to hear from anyone who has had taurus repair a pt-22 firing pin problem.
As much as Id like to have one of these little guns,I will pass if taurus wont make it right.
I would also appreciate hearing from those that have not had any problems with thier pt-22.


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    Taurus, uses their famous lifetime warranty to fix the problem. You return it to them, and they put in another firing pin, just like the one that broke. Since they don't let many, if any parts out, the gun has to be sent to them for repair, so you are at their mercy.

    So it boils down to, do you want to have a weapon that has an lifetime warranty, that is used often, or one that you get to keep the gun at your house, more than it is being sent back to the factory?

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    No clue as to how good they are, but having made and fixed a lot of firing pins part #5 doesn't look to hard to make or fix.

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    Jack First in SD, makes these firing pins.
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    TSR, as usual, has his finger on the problem.

    Sure, you can send the gun back to Taurus, and eventually they'll get around to replacing the broken firing pin. Some weeks or maybe even months later, you'll get a working gun back. . .and the gun will run fine until the replacement firing pin breaks for the exact same reason as the first one did.

    The problem isn't really that the firing pins break. . .that's just the symptom.

    The problem is that the firing pin quality itself is low, the gun design is bad, or both. Taurus can replace the broken part, but no matter how many times you send the gun back to Taurus, they're probably not going to redesign it.

    Does Taurus have a "new and improved" firing pin to replace yours with? I doubt it, though if you otherwise like this gun and intend to use/carry it a lot, and can either fabricate or locate one, that's probably the way to go.
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