Trigger for U9 Herters

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Does anyone make an after market trigger for the BSA actioned Herters U9? I've looked at Timiny with no results. I know factory parts are almost impossible to find.
Any help would be great.
Thank you.


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    I thought the U9 was the same as mauser 98 that interarms used to import . Have you talked to the tech department at Brownell's
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    I'll check on that Karl.
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    Heter's imported the U-9 and the J-9, one was a M-98 mauser clone the other was made by BSA (i don't remember which was which tho [?]) a picture would help.
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    The U-9 is a BSA. The J-9 is a Mauser. I don't know of an after-market trigger for BSA's but the trigger in your rifle is adjustable. Get a copy of "Bolt Action Rifles" by Frank de Haas. Maybe your local library can find one for you to borrow. That book describes how to adjust the trigger. If you don't want to do this yourself, a gunsmith (if you can find one anymore!) might be able to do this work for you.

    Incidently, removing the bolt from these rifles seems to be a mystery. Raise the bolt handle and slide the bolt half way back now press the trigger HARD forward, hold this pressure and slide the bolt out. That method works with one of my BSA rifles but not the other one: With that rifle, I have to open the bolt part way and insert the long leg of an Allen wrench (3/32" or so) into the race way next to the bolt. That seems to bind the sear in the down position and allows the bolt to come out. A similar procedure was required to remove the bolt from Remington 600 and early Model Seven rifles.
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