Info on a SKS Romania MDL 56

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what have i got? markings say CAL. ST ALB VI CUGIR ROMANIA GH 730 1958 Any info would be great.Thanks,Oro


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    Its pretty self explanatory.

    You have a Romanian model 56 SKS, manufactured at the Cugir plant in Romania in 1958.

    I think the "CAL ST SLB VI" should read "CA*I* ST SLB V*T*, because your gun was probably imported by CENTURY ARMS INTERNATIONAL, in Vermont.

    These are decent enough guns, probably better than the Chinese ones, and unlike the Yugo ones that are a lot more common, they have chrome lined bores to help prevent corrosion.
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    And, it shoots 7.62x39mm, the same cartridge used in AK-47-type rifles.

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