S&W 624 in 44 Special

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Anyone have any info on this gun? Blue book value? How can you tell if it's a Lew Horton? The one I'm looking at is a 6 shot 3" revolver with white outline rear and red ramp front.Roy


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    horton. 325-400.
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    The three inch 624 was an exclusive of Lew Horton. 4" and 6 1/2" were standard from S&W. Horton had the 3" 624 done exclusively for them along with 2 1/2" and 3" L and N framed guns in .357, .44spl, .44mag, .45LC, and .45acp. On some of the models, Horton had them done for them initially, but S&W had the option of making them in standard production after the special run for Lew Horton. S&W only produced the guns in standard production that they thought they could sell, such as the 686 2 1/2" and the 629 3". The 624 3" wasn't considered by S&W to be a viable production gun, so the only 3" ones are the special run for Horton. Of course a gunsmith could have custom made one, but S&W choose not to do them after the run for Lew Horton.
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    Local gun shop has one with wood finger grips for $399. It looks really nice, I'm thinking about it real hard.
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    According to the S&W blue book, at 100% it's worth $395, at 98% it's worth $350 and at 95% it's worth $295. The Horton model comes in a 3" barrel with a rounded butt, adj. sights and includes a fitted holster while the regular version comes in 4 and 6-1/2" barrel and none of the extras which is worth from $225 at the lower end to $340 at the higher end. Hope this helps you out.[This message has been edited by mbinkerd (edited 09-07-2001).]
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    What goes around comes around.

    I first posted about this gun about a year ago. I went to the store that after noon to get the gun. Well, I was about 2 hours late and someone beat me to it. This Friday I get a call from the guy at the gun shop and said we got 'your gun' back in on a trade so come and get it. I didn't wait this time and got it for $325 out the door.



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