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I have a chance to buy a bushmaster varmiter or a red rock 223 for about the same price and was wondering which would be the best one to buy. i plan to use this to shoot 40 -50 gr bullets thanks


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    In my opinion, I'd go with Bushmaster just because they have a good track record. Bushmaster has been around for quite some time and I've heard very few minor problems with their rifles and this was many years ago. Lately, I haven't experienced or heard anything negative about Bushmaster rifles.[:)]

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    I've had my Bushmaster for about 4 years. No problems at all with it. I wish I could say that for everything I buy!

    cbxjeffIt's too late for me, save yourself.
    It's too late for me, save yourself.
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    Bushmaster, Bushmaster, Bushmaster. Did I mention Bushmaster. My 2 cents. [8D]

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    yes. bushmaster. had no probs with mine.
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    Did anybody say BUSHMASTER?

    JuJu (who loves his)
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    BUSH-MASTER, Turn that around it spells MASTER- BUSH. Our President, and I am going to leave it at that.
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    chuck, if you tiurn it around it says:


    Must be some secret code[;)]

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    Ordinarily, I would say this is a "no-brainer", and say Bushmaster.

    Since you said you were going to be using .223 w/40-50 gr. projectiles; I would say maybe not!

    The reason I say that is because I am not familiar with the twist-rate on either of these models.

    A 40-50 grain projectile lends itself better to a slower rate of twist. Ideally, you would be looking at a 1:12 twist-rate for these light projectiles.

    Most AR type rifles are being made available in a 1:9 twist. This is too fast for that light of a projectile.

    The original military configuration for AR-15/M-16's was for a 55 gr. projectile, and thus a 1:12 twist.

    The current standard (A2) is in a 1:9 twist for the heavier 62 gr. projectile.

    I am not familiar with the "red rock". I have a Bushmaster...and some other AR's.

    I shot prairie dogs w/my 1:9 twist Bushmaster and didn't do very well. I would like to blame it all on the inappropriate twist rate for the light ballistic tip projectiles I was using, but know that isn't entirely true.

    The 1:9 is better than the 1:7 I have heard exists, and the 1:9 is a happy medium...but I think the 1:12 is what you need if the 40-50's are what you are going to be using.

    Over-stabilization can occur! Faster twist is not always better. Look up "over-stabilization" and you will see what I am talking about...do a search on "Google".

    So, I would definetly look for quality in the rifle, but also consider it's suitability for your application.
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    Get the evil Bushmaster!!
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    Bushmaster. Being a varmit model it may have a slower twist than 1:9 Most A2's have 1:9 and do fine with 55 grain bullets not as goot as a 1:12 but good enough. My M4 has the 1:7 that is what the Gov. specs to stabilize the 62 grain bullets. Regardless bushmaster is a Gov. contractor and their rifles are built to Gov. specs. Rebarraling it to a custom barrel should you need to will be no trouble. Never heard of Red Rock, sure you don't meen Rock River?
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