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I'm in sales and have been told that in Texas if I travel more than 3 counties that I can carry a loaded gun. Is this true, and what happens if I do get stoped by the cops? The last thing I want is a pissed off DPS cop taking me in.


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    WWW.Packing.org will answer your question.
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    The law in Texas does allow for carrying a gun when traveling. The problem is, "traveling" is not defined in the law and is up to the discretion of the judge. The old rule of thumb was, out of county, over night. Since it is not defined, an over zealous cop can go ahead and make the arrest, and an anti-gun judge can make his own decision on what constitutes "traveling". It's better to just get the CCW license and be covered.

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    Listen to what dheffley said above...he's right-on with his explanation.

    And here is what I wrote for another occasion when the same subject came up:

    The way it was explained to me, regarding the legal carrying/transportation of a handgun for non-CHL holders in Texas:

    1. One can legally transport a handgun to and from a gunsmith for repair or service.

    2. One can legally transport a handgun to and from a sporting event where that particular handgun would be appropriate for use in the sporting event. Example: it wouldn't pass to be carrying a Glock 17 and claim you were going duck hunting.

    3. One can legally carry a handgun while at the residence under his control. Residence under your control could be your home, a motel room (registered in your name), hunting camp, anywhere you could convice a judge and jury you resided at the time. Nothing is mentioned about "permanent" residence, just "residence" and "under your control."

    4. One can legally transport a handgun while "traveling." Now, this is were it gets a little tricky. Traveling is defined (legally) as giving up a place of residence under your control and taking up another place of residence under your control. While you are between those places, you are considered, legally, a traveler. Example: If you left your home (residence under your control) in Ft. Worth and drove to Waco. When you got to Waco you stopped and registered at the Holiday Inn, room 102 (residence under your control), between your home in Ft. Worth and the signing in at the Holiday Inn you are legally a "traveler" and can legally transport a handgun.

    Now, if after you register, you decide to go to Luby's cafeteria for dinner, you are no longer a traveler. You ceased to be a traveler when you signed in at the Holiday Inn. (I hope this is not too confusing.)

    Texas law, as far as I know, doesn't address "loaded" or "unloaded." So you might as well carry the handgun loaded.

    My 2-cents.
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