charles daly .45's

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i know that this subject probably has come up before now and i missed it,but- is the c.d 45 worth owning and do they interchange with colt parts? any info good or bad would help me out. i know that it is not my 70 series colt but i do have two boy's 8 and 10 that love to shoot my pistols and would rather have them bump this and scratch it, rather than my colt[under supervision of course].thanks clarkey

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    The frame is a bit larger than a Colt. Interchangeability of parts is questionable. I know a .22 cal. conversion unit will not fit, due to the above. They do shoot well and are accurate. I know of someone who has one for sale.
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    I have a CD FS, and it will accept the Ceiner .22 conversion
    kit. I did have to thin the slide stop slightly for the
    slide to rack. I bought it to convert it to 45Super because
    it has a heavy metal frame, this also works. I like the one
    I have, and have had no problems with it.

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    It looks like what you're looking for is an inexpensive alternative to your Colt Series 70 for your kids to shoot.

    I'd suggest you look at the refurbished Argentine Systema 1927s available for about $300. These pistols are identical to pre-war Colt M1911A1s, were manufactured under Colt license, built on Colt machinery, and all parts are interchangable with Colt pistols.
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    I bought a full size CD last summer, had to polish the feed ramp but it works great now. Very accurate and the finish is good. Paid $330 for it on GB.

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    The Charles Daily pistol imported by KBI industries has proven its self to be a real winner. They shoot well and are a nice looking handgun. KBI stands behind them so if that will give you peace of mind before you purchase one. A friend of mine bought a polymer frame model in .40 caliber and is real pleased with it. As for parts being interchangeable with the colt, no the Charles Daily 1911 parts will not work. I hope this has been some help to you.

    Good luck!

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    Sounds like a CD would be perfect for your needs. Great to teach them how to shoot. But if it were me, and my kids, I would order a Springfield in a 9mm, teach them how to take care of it, and just accept the fact that its not going to look that pretty by the time they were through with it.

    I'd say that a 9mm in a 1911, is very soft on the recoil. Probably not much difference between it and a .22. But I'm sure your kids would appreciate having the bigger 9mm more than the .22, you know how kids are. "Buy me the more expensive bigger, badder, better looking toy..." .....wait, thats what I usually tell my old lady, not what kids say....

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