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Does anyone know what the current market price for this particular pistol is? The condition is fair to good, possibly a police trade-in and the current owner wants $225 for it. I saw this at a gun show earlier today but had second thoughts because I just was not sure about the value.Any help would be appreciated.thanks,-smooth
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    A Friend of mine wants to sell me his used S&W 5906. It has very minor wear and has fired about 1000 rounds. He wants $350. He has one 15 round magazine. Does this sound reasonable? What is your opinion of these pistols? Thanks for any comments.
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    Need info on how to disassemble gun for cleaning . Any help will be appreciated.
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    I think the price is too high. At auction, it would sell in the $250-300 range. Yeah, your friend would lose money on it, but that's life.

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    I bought one last year for 275.00. It came with the box/papers and two 15 rd. Magazines. It had less than a box of ammo through it. The guy that owned it bought it for a duty weapon and his agency switched to the .40. He tossed this one in the safe and forgot about it for almost 10 years.

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    I've had a 5906 for about 14 yrs. The thing feeds everything, shoots straight and needs little maintenance. It is a very good firearm. As far as the price, check the auctions here and see where you stand. The prices mentioned above sound fair. I can't remember what I payed brand new for mine but it seems like it was around 500 or so. I put 450 rounds of cheap 9mm ammo through it in a day without cleaning and it never malfunctioned, decent firearm.

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    The new TSW's are going for $750.00 and I've seen the 5906's for as much as $400.00 in shops and on the net. I have also seen them as low as $250.00.


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    Not a bad price if it is in good condition. You can usually find them around $299 police trades....


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