Hornaday 165grn SST

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I posted this on the general forum as well. I am thinking about using this bullet for a mule deer hunt. Range out to 300 yards but more realistic, it will be under 100 yards.

Thoughts on this bullet?

I have used Nosler Ballistic Tips in the past, but I have been told this bullet is better than the ballistic tip.


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    I like the SST.. Have used them in my 308/150gr.. 280/139gr...270/130gr on whitetails out to 250 yards.

    1 shot is all ya get so make it a " SUREKILL " (T/C Encore-/-Contender/ MATHEWS SWITCHBACK Shooter)
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    plains scout: Believe it or not, I live about 30 miles west of the Tejon Ranch listed in that magazine article(went to high school with some of the kids that grew up there, spent time there and hunted there for free way back when -- but those days are gone now that they know they can get lots of money from some folks to hunt there).I haven't shot any of their feral hogs with the H. SST bullets, but I hunt them in another area further west of me and have shot several with the 165 SST out of a 30.06 and a 300 Win. Mag. from a little less than 100yds to over 350yds and the bullets performed pretty much the way described in that article. I wouldn't hesitate to hunt Mule Deer with them. If you go up to Elk size game I'd probably go with something tougher like their Interbond bullet, etc. but for big deer,etc. shouldn't have any problems with the SST. -- And yes, they are a tougher bullet than the Nosler B. Tip. I use them sometimes for the small Blacktail Deer around here and have stumbled on to hogs while hunting deer before and shot them with the N. B. Tips because it's what I had with me. The hogs couldn't tell the difference because they were just as dead, but they sure ruin alot more meat, etc. -- good luck with the mule deer..........[8D]
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    I think the problem is that the close range shots have too much oomph when they hit. Fragmentation takes place. I noticed when I did use Nosler Balistic Tip bullets that long range shots performed well.

    I am almost guranteed that the shot I will get will be somewhere between 75 yards and 250 yards.

    I am convinced they will perform fine.
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