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Is it true that old Model 41s take a slightly different magazine. My old one doesn't seem to like the new mags--they get stuck in the gun--haven't bothered to see if they would work otherwise. Is there anything that can be done about the situation.

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    There are several variations but they all should work. By "new", do you mean the 12-rounder with the orange follower? And, are you sure that you don't have mags made for the 422 series?

    It might help if you could post photos.

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    No a 10 rounder that fits my other 41. I'll see if the others I have are equally tight. It is kinda strange.

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    you may have mag button to grip I.D. issues. see where its hitting. sometimes the grips can be overtightened and the screws holding the wood on can do it or the screws are too long too.

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