what gun should be in everyone's collection?

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This may have been done before but i could not find it doing a search. What guns, in your opinion, should definitely be in everyone's gun collection?


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    A good pump shotgun, a good bolt rifle, and a good revolver for sure. Then maybe a good auto-loading pistol and a good auto-loading rifle. And a few more revolvers and a couple more shotguns and few more rifles...[;)]

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    I can't really go by brand so much as by caliber in a brand that works well. My choices would be .308 or 30-06 for rifle, .223 for light rifle, and a .45 ACP or .40 S&W for a pistol.

    The 30-06 can take anything on the North American continent, .308 just needs a little closer. The .223 is an all around varmint rifle capable of taking a deer if need be(although it isn't legal in some states), and the .45 or .40 work great as defensive weapons, which is what a pistol is supposed to be. The caliber choices I have given are very popular and you can find them anywhere. You can also find plentiful supplies of military or LE surplus. -good luck

    Edited: I plumb,dumb forgot to add a 12 guage shotgun in a good working model. You will need it to bring in the birds, defend the home and ammo is plentiful.
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    At least one pre 64 Winchester .22 of your choice and whatever else makes you smile.[:D]

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    I'd recommend:
    An older .22 single shot. Like the Winchester M67 or Remington 510.
    A .22 caliber pistol. S&W M18 or 17, H&R 999,Ruger auto or revolver.
    A 30/30. Either a Winchester or Marlin lever action.
    A 30-06. Maybe a Winchester M-70 or Remington 700, or Springfield 03.
    A 12 guage auto. Could be a Browning A-5 or Remington 1100.
    A quality 20 guage double S/S. Brownings,Berettas, Ithacas are all good.
    Also a .44 magnum revolver. I like S&W M29's, Ruger Super Blackhawks, Anacondas, and Llama Super Commanches made 20-25 years ago.
    A S&W "J" frame snub in .38caliber or a Colt Detective Special.
    Finally a Colt .45 auto.
    That's nine guns. Round it out with a .22-250 single shot. A Browning
    or a Ruger No.1.

    If I could only have one gun it would be the 12 guage. If only two I'd add a .22 rifle, and if three, I'd get a 30-06.

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    Everyone needs a model 60 Marlin for general fun and plinking! Not a fancy or expensive rifle by any means, but everyone should have at least one!!
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    Second on the Garand. Also a Mauser of some sort, preferably German.

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    US Rifle Cal 30 M1
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    general discussion topic.....
    this is not a technical question.[B)]
    youll get more responses in the gen discuss room and it wont be locked at 10 either.[;)]
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    Are we talking "gun collection" like a real gun collection on a theme or just what weapons you should own to stave off Armageddon or shoot the neighbors cat?

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