Winchester 1890, 1906, etc magazine tubes

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I believe there are only three main versions of the outside magazine tubes. The one for the WRF (Winchester Rimfire), the gallery (triangular cut), and one universal cut for all others, Short, Long or Long Rifle chambered rifles. I have four Short only 1906s, a couple Short only 1890s and several 1906s and others that will shoot S, L, LRs interchangeably and they all have the same size cut in the tube. Bert mentioned that user joepoidog would have to find a short only tube to repair his rifle and I'm intrigued. I think all early tubes, prior to patent change 1911 are the same and would work. Bert, help me out here. I know you'll open this post, as it has the word Winchester in the title. Here is a picture of the three different tubes. A WRF, A S, L, LR, and a gallery cut one.

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    Hello Scott,

    Hmmm... I wasn't aware that the slot in the outer tube was the same size on the early Model 1890s. But then again, I don't have one of every cartridge chambering either. I have a pair of 22 Short 1890s, and a pair of 22 WRF 1890s... unfortunately, none in 22 Long or 22 LR. The one 1906 that I have is serial number 209 (a 22 Short) and it has the same size cartridge slot as both of my 1890 22 shorts. I guess that I should go back and re-read Schwing's book again[:I][:0][:D]

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