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Scope with BDC question

kissgoodnightkissgoodnight Member Posts: 4,070 ✭✭✭
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The Bullet Drop Compensator on a scope is new to me.
How does it work? I know each caliber has a different drop, so I assume the compensation points are not preset. Or do you buy a specific scope for each caliber? I have looked at the scopes and they have dots below the crosshairs for compensation. Please explain how this works as I need a scope to see with and my ranges for deer hunting vary a lot.


  • shoff14shoff14 Member Posts: 11,994 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    They are supposed to work by allowing you to compensate for bullet drop for quicker shots. The problem with these type of scopes is their accuracy. Each load is going to be different, each bullet slightly different, temperature and wind speed is going to affect it, ect. The farther you go out, the more it is going to be off. Leupold custom shop will make a reticle to your bullet, initial velocity and BC. Will it be close? Maybe but sure seems like a lot of money to hope it works.

    I would get a mil-dot reticle scope, or a range finder and known bullet drop data with you.
  • MobuckMobuck Member Posts: 12,963 ✭✭✭✭
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    All those scopes will do is get close. Even with the exact ammo listed for the drop, your rifle might give enough difference to be off several inches at extended ranges. In addition, the height of the scope above the barrel will change everything. Any of these require shooting at the listed range to verify bullet strike. The worst offender in my opinion is the muzzleloader drop compensating scope. There are so many variables in muzzleloading arms that such a statement is ludicrous.
  • quickmajikquickmajik Member Posts: 16,324
    edited November -1
    THe best way to go is, to get a custom scope made to a single rounds ballisitics.. Leupold does this..

    What you have to do is get the BC bullet weight & velocity & height of the scope over the bore, then use a ballisitic program to calculated bullet drop.. Once you have all this information you fill out a vurtial form on leupolds web sight and they will build the scop to your exact specs.

    They will make a reticle and BDC turrets to your specs.
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