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Modular Gun Safes

gunluv280gunluv280 Member Posts: 178 ✭✭
edited November 2002 in Ask the Experts
As with my Gunsmithing post, I put this on the general discussion board but upon further consideration decided it belongs here--sorry for cluttering things up.

I'm looking for advice/opinions on gun safes. I need a good gun safe that can hold 24-30 long guns, but would rather not have to move an 800lb safe into my basement. I'm not sure it would get there before it crashes through my floor. For this reason, I'm thinking of getting one of the Zanotti modular safes. Anybody out there have any opinions on the relative quality and advantages/disadvantages of these type of safes? Two particular concerns I have: 1) Are they as theft-proof as one piece safes? and 2) Will they keep out moisture even in a humid environment? How do they compare in overall quality with some of the better one-piece safes? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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