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Old Browning 16 ga

HarleyRidingHunterHarleyRidingHunter Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
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Recently I was given a very old Browning shotgun in 16 gauge. I love Browning and own several and this one is very strange to me. The serial numbers match on the barrel and receiver, the safety is on the front of the trigger gaurd, the barrel has "Brwoning Arms Company Ogden Utah" on the top, "Full 16 ga Special Steel" on the side and under the barrel about midway between the end of the chamber and the lock ring is stamped "Choke 16.8".

I tried to shoot standard 16 gauge shells in the weapon but every shell jammed in the receiver on ejection, so I figured it must be an old 2 & 1/2" chamber...

Can anyone please tell me the approximate value of this Browning and the time period it was produced for insurance purposes. It is in fantastic shape, with only a little blue off the barrel...

Thank you for any information you might have for me...



  • greeker375greeker375 Member Posts: 3,644
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    From one Harley Rider to forgot to insert the SN.
    Try going to the Browning Web Page. They give you manufacture dates according to type of gun you have.
  • nordnord Member Posts: 6,106
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    Common gun made in Belgium up till the mid to late 30's. "Suicide Safety" a hallmark of these earlier A-5's. 2 1/2" chambers almost certainly.

    No matter what, a nice A-5. Value will be in line with later Belgian guns with a minor demerit for the safety and short chambers.

  • remrocremroc Member Posts: 153 ✭✭✭
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    Measure the chamber don't guess. If you don't know how I would think a gun store or gunsmith would do it free. It is not safe to shoot 2 3/4 shells in a 2 1/2 chambered gun. I know they will fit but when they are fire the crimp opens past the chamber and pressures go up.
  • remrocremroc Member Posts: 153 ✭✭✭
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    Another thought- I don't know about Brownings but a lot of old 16 ga. guns are 2 9/16 chambers. However the same rule applies- don't shoot 2 3/4 shells in it.
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