J.P. Sauer & Son Is this incorrect model listed

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Can someone tell me if this model is listed incorrectly. That this is a 1919. Thanks Iowa


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    Well, it looks pretty much like a standard 1913 model to me. But, I realize there are lots of variations out there, so I looked in some of my books and here's what I found in the Standard Catalog. . . regarding the "Third sub variation." "Lastly, the third subvariation examples were manufactured during or after 1926. The trigger guard has a different shape; the slide has a greater area of vertical milled finger grooves; the added Additional safety. . . now acts as a hold open device as well. These are found up to approximately 57,000." Based on that description, everything seems to check out with this one. The only thing to add is that the price seems to be a little steep, but then Sauer collectors are an enthusiastic bunch and there might be one out there willing to pay that much. The only thing that is a little unclear is where the "1919" date in your question originates. I noticed that you have another question asking about a picture of a 1919 model. I've looked and looked through my books and can't find any reference to a Sauer Model 1919. There was a 1920 Westentaschen Model. With a little more information, I'll be happy to look futher. Best of luck -- Steve
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