Gibbs .. Gone ? Good ? ??

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I was reading through an old firearm periodical last night that evaluated a military re-furbish by a company called 'The Gibbs Rifle Company'. When I look on the WWWEB, I see the site, but there is not much to it, and even less available.

Are these folks gone ? Does anyone miss them ?



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    i think they still operate. they had some really nice LOOKING enfields. whether they would shoot or not is a different story. apparently they are sold out of everything. i would say give them a call and see what happens. if they are gone someone will miss them. whoever they employ will be missing a job and at times like these, good jobs can be hard to come by.

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    The rifles will shoot well I had oprtunity to shoot one in 45-70 and was impressed. As to the company I don't know.

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    Gibbs Rifle Company is a subsidiary of Navy Arms located in Martinsburg, WV.
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    rare? does anyone think they'll ever be worth more than what you payed for them one day?

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    I have a Gibbs Summit Frontier .45-70 bolt action and it is an extremely accurate gun. Navy Arms did buy out Gibbs. Mine has a Navy Arms barrel on it. I got it at dealer cost for $289 NIB. Its a shame they are no longer making these Enfield conversions. The gunsmith I use has been trying to get one and wished he had bought one while they were readily available. I just got mine last winter after hunting season and I have it dialed in shooting under 1" groups at 100 yds. I hope to get an opportunity to knock down a buck with it this year. [:D]

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