10 round box magazine in .308

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Anybody have any idea where I can get a 10 round box magazine .308 rifle? or aftermarket 10 round mags for the current 5 round .308's.


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    Any particular make/model?

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    I am hoping to find a good rifle (.308) that takes a 10 round box magazine. I'm not fussy at this point but maybe aftermarket mag's for a BLR or a Remington 7600. I've got a Parker-Hale .303 (bolt action) and lots of spare 10 shot mags.My hunting mate wants something in .308. So, no, I'm not talking any particular make or model.
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    10 round mags in .308 are widely available for M14-clones.

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    If you like SMLE's the Indian 308 2A1's came with 12 round boxes standard, and there are aftermarket 10's floating arround this country.

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    Thanks guys, but I should have stated, I need we can only use non semi-auto's and don't want a smle or smle lookalike (due to the weight before scoping it). just something off the shelf. cheers
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    I thought I saw a while back that one of the "tatical" semi custom gun shops was making a Remington 700 that used M14 mags.

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    I know that 10 round mags (synthetic)are available for the Remington 760 and 7600 pump action rifles. They are good guns, especially in .308 caliber. The mags are Eagle Brand available from CDNN Sports and other wholesalers on-line.

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    Custom making the magazine body an option? Use the standard mag as a template for the top end, make the bottom end as long as you need. Go to www.emachineshop.com , do your design, and have a small run made.
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    I think even cabela's sell a rem 700 coversion to 10 rd det mag. Accuracy international does too, but if weight is a problem
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    Umm, not to be to crude, but if you buddy needs 10 rounds in a bolt gun for hunting, perhaps he should be spending more time practicing to make the first shot count.
    is trying to remember the last time he needed more than 1 round to put one on the ground, or how many (4 or 5 maybe?) out of the couple hundred I've killed that even needed a finisher.

    Some guys like a mag full of lead, I still prefer one round to the head.
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