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What do you guys think a Colt 1911 first year production civilian model with three digit serial number under 500 is worth? Ballpark? It is solid 90% with one mag. It is one of the early glossy ones. It's pricey, but I might buy it. Looking for feedback. thanks


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    I have the opportunity to purchase a Colt 1911 pistol. The left side of the slide is marked Colt's Patent, etc. and is also marked on the right side of the frame "US Government Property" and "Rock Island Arsenal". It has the inspector's initials on the right side also. It appears to be about 90 to 95%. Price is $600. Good buy or not??? I can't find it in my limited library of reference/value books. Thanks for your advice.
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    Just got a Colt 1911 in, Government Issue, ordinance bomb, inspector stamp S/6, serial #504229. From my research, it should be 1918, am I correct?
    Someone has put adjustable sights on it, in the original dove tails, and it has an old set of engraved ivory grips, with pieces broken out. The gun looks to have been re-blued, the stampings are all very crisp though. There is no rampant Colt on the rear of the slide, as I thought there should be. The barrel is marked HS, I assume High Standard. The slide and barrel are very tight, someone has worked on it at one time.
    I'm going to take it to trap shooting this evening and test it before we shoot trap. I'll try to get some pictures posted tomorrow.
    Thoughts and opinions please.
    Thanks for looking.
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    I went to the range today with 3 weapons, and came home with a barrel of questions, here is the next one.

    I have a 70 series colt that had a trigger job when I purchased it, the trigger was extremely light to the point of almost dangerous. On a few occasions it may have double tapped, I say may because I may have allowed my finger to hit the trigger again.

    So, that was a month or two ago, I took it to a pistolsmith (who shall remain un named), to have night sights put on it, and he strongly suggested having the trigger job redone to make the gun safe.

    Today I went to shoot the pistol, after an expensive bill at the pistol smith, and it is now single action about half the time. (IE, you have to cock it manually after you shoot it)

    I was extremely frustrated to say the least, and am returning it to him to be corrected, however, my question is this,

    what causes this and how can I be positive he has it right when I get it back, this is not a collector gun or a "safe queen" , it is something I intend to use and carry.

    besides the obvious of going out and putting 500 rounds through it, is there anyway I can establish if he is giving me a product I can put my trust in? or should I just keep carrying revolvers (joke)

    PS. I was sure proud of the 44 mag revolver though, it didnt' fail to fire, and it put 3 bullets touching each other at 15 yards tonight with full loads in it, that baby is what I will reach for if given a choice! (it's a bit large for carry)

    thanks in advance as you can probably tell I'm kind of a newbie to colts and springfields!
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    i bought a colt 1911 yesterday, and i am wondering if i have the original box. i have a government model 70's series in nickel with a prefix "70B" which is 1981-83 manufacture. should this have come with a two piece box or the newer one piece blue hard case?
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    Go to the blue book, research this site, and then realize things sell for what someone is willing to pay for it. If you collect and want it go for it. Are you gonna shoot and carry it? Probably in the $1200-1500 range...

    see if ya can horse trade...but then nobody does that anymore these days...everything is over priced and no wiggle room...

    Mountain Magic Gunsmithing
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    JMHO...........But I think $1200/$1500 range is a bit low from what I have sold in the past and what I have discussed with a very knowledgable owner of a 4 digit (shiney as you say) Colt, he works at the North Store and seems to know his stuff. If it can be had for 12/1500 bucks, that is a good buy as you would never have trouble getting your money back in the event of resale, anything less would be a steal on your part. I'm not an expert on Colts but just speaking from what i have observed.


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    I Sold Number C-9XX8 for $2500.00 5 0r 6 years ago and it was'nt as clean as You discribe Yours...

    Captain Kirk, Tech Staff
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    Yes, this is 3 digits and is under #450. It also has a two tone mag with it and I'm told it is the lowest number aorund. Who knows about that but it is LOW. Nice shape. But if this gun was only 2500, I would have bought it a long time ago. This gun is around 7K. I sold another 1911 in 98% with a 5 digit number a couple years a go and got $3500 for it. This is way rarer! Thanks for the tips anyway, Take care
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    Hello 7K would not be that far out of line and may be a bargin IF and a big IF it is all correct These pistols are darn near 100 years old and the chances that all the correct parts are there make the price what some of the high rollers are willing to pay. With only the wrong barrel could drop the price by $2000.00. be very careful on buying with out as much knowledge as possible . the higher the price the more someone might fake even just one part. Good luck
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    The Blue Book lists M1911 Commercials under serial #4,500 as:

    98% - $10,000
    95% - $7,500
    90% - $5,000

    .....but I would think that a 3 digit serial # would bring a premium over those prices. I'd estimate that Perry Shooter is pretty close to right on the money.
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    Unless you are being modest, my understanding is that you are just a casual accumulator, not an advanced collector. If you are not an expert on early Colts, RUN away from this gun! $7K is way too much to spend on such a gun if you cannot be certain that it is the real thing. There are too many bogus guns out there. (This gun isn't currently residing in Southern California, is it?)

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    That one may not be in S. Cal. but I know where C102 lives! [8D]
    ... not with me, unfortunately, though!
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    Thanks guys. This was the discussion I was loking for. Those low ball prices are just not realistic. Anyway, I thank you for the comments. take care
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