British .303 Enfield

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British .303 Enfield. It's in great shape but not many markings. It says Pachmayr Gunworks Los Angeles, Cal.on the butt end. I found 1 marking on the barrel under the front of the scope. It has a symbol of an Anchor with the letters BNP. There appears to be some other marks on the Right side back of the barrel witch looks like an A or a 4 in a circle.
Was hoping someone could tell me anything about this gun. Thank you!


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    Pictures will help. See the sticky on posting pics. Look at the metal strap above and to rear of trigger- should be markings there. suplusrifle.com has some good info on SMLEs.
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    British . 303 Enfield! I'm new to this site, can someone tell me how to add a picture to my listing.
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    OK,I messed that one up. I don't know how to insert a picture! HELP!
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    Use the icon with the yellow picture and black arrow found on the line that says Format:

    That Icon is the "insert image" icon. As the "sticky" says, you need to post your photo on a photo hosting web site (ala Photobucket) FIRST.
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    Hi Guys,
    Looking for a 303 brit that has been converted to a one piece stock.  Roberts Wood Products (No Longer In Business) back in the 60's and 70's did provided drawings and one piece stocks for this setup.  I have the drawings for the machine work but need a whole converted gun or a stock blank to copy.  I would rather just buy an already converted gun but if I could get hold of old used stock or NOS one,  It would be a fun build.
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    The Brits steel stamped their guns from one end to the other and if you don't see any then my guess is your rifle has been customized and reblued.  Just a guess without photos. Take some photos, download them to your computer and use the "Attach Image" icon, the little rectangular box at the top of this reply. 
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    The original post is 11 years old Ricci!

    For some reason "Dan303" chose to reopen it? Instead of posting in the Want Ads forum.

    He is looking for something that hasn't been made, or available for over 50 years.
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    I'm new to gunbroker, thanks for informing about the want adds, I'll try there.  I've been a member of many classic car building forums for twenty plus years and people all the time find old post of mine and ask me questions about cars and parts that have not been available or made for 50 plus years, and usually I can, in a polite way, point them in the right direction.  
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    Welcome, Dan!

    I have or have had several .303s over the years and they are a lot of fun!

    Never had one with a one-piece stock but hope you have success with it.

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