j stevens 25-20 singal shot

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Ok folks Im tring to find out the vaule of a old stevens 25-20 it looks just like the favorite but its not a take down like the fav. and is on a larger fram.
it has a 25.5 brl. thats half octagon and half round. the ser# is 799
the pat date is april 1794
just needing a around about ideal of vaule its back stock is cracked.


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    This is most likely either a model 44 or 44&1/2 nice rifles and worth more than a favorite in the same condition. with a picture we could tell you more the 25-20 single shot is different cartridge than 25-20 wincester / marlin / remington repeters
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    Take the fore end off, and look atthe head of the frame. If it is a 44 or 44 1/2, it will have those numbers marked there.
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