What is value of this rare firearm?

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My friend has found a Arista 99 Japanese rifle dated 1943-45 including the 16" bayonet. Its appears to be in excellent condition and is well oiled and was kept wrapped. Its has a flower stamped on it and I beleive its is a chrysamthemum which I think is the symbol of the emperor of Japan

Can anyone give me a range of value.


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    I see no listings for this firearm in Fjestad's 25 anniversary edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values.[:0]
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    I believe it's under Japanese Military in Blue Book. Arisaka.

    How did you date the rifle? Approximate dates can be figured with the Kana series number using, but you must know the IROHA poem to decypher the markings. You also need to know what arsenal, Kokura (stacked cannonballs) or Toriimasu (sp?) (fighting fish) to get an accurate price. Then the bayonet markings need to be decyphered. Some, like a late Jinsen, average $200 or more, while others are about $20.
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    Not an expert on Arisakas- the type 99 is a modified type 38. The later ones were of lower quality- cast steel receivers. The Mum (yeah, its a chyrsanthemum ) not being ground off is a plus- weapons surrendered after the end of the war had the mum ground off. Gun Trader's Guide shows $153 for good, up to $388 for NIB, but I don't have a lot of faith in the "book" price. Value WILL vary greatly depending on condition and era of manufacture- you may be at the tail end when quality of weapon declined. You might check closed auctions here and a couple of the other sites and see what an Arisaka Type 99 has sold for in the past 90 days. Bayonet is also a plus. Any capture papers/ documents is another plus. Good luck
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    Hello SIG. I just sold one from a friends estate very close to what you describe to * dealer/collector but mine was near mint.for $450.00
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    Thanks for the information. I will post more information after I am able to inspect the rifle.
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