1911 barrel grooves still don't shine ...

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I should shot this 1911 more, because it's the only handgun that will put holes in my target.
So, I'm cleaning it after last week's 50 or 75 rounds. Stainless barrel and all.

I usually use solvent and soft patch. This time I tried the brass brush twice. Still marks on the grooves. Copper, maybe?

I use Hoppes and non-clorinated brake cleaner.

What'ya think, keep brushing? New brush?


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    Hello you did not state were these rounds fired lead or jacketed bullets? They may differ in what you need to clean. If lead it sounds like you need to change the lube or size of your bullet it may be too small for the barrel in your pistol I use hoppe's #9 for lead. removal. for jacketed I use a brass jacket removal solvent.Your barrel may be slightly rough and foul easy this can be lessened by polishing with J.B. bore cleaner.
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    I knew I should have included this info.

    FMJ all the time.
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    I tried "Gun Scrubber" and more brass brushing. Seems to have all come out.

    I've NEVER shot lead, in my 4 years and 2200+ rounds through my O1091
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    Call around and find a gunsmith or a buddy that has a borescope so that the next time this happens you can run over a get a good look at what the 'lines' are. If the bore appears rough you could use something like Flitz on a tight patch to do a little light polishing. If the bore is really rough, try some USP Bore Paste or something along those lines.

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    When all else fails, I use my Outers Foul Out electronic cleaning system. It will remove lead or copper build up.
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    quote:Originally posted by Pearyw
    When all else fails, I use my Outers Foul Out electronic cleaning system. It will remove lead or copper build up.

    Me too!! [8D]
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    Try some "Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner"
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    I've had real good luck with Sweets 7.62 bore solvent. Real strong stuff! I'll use this once every few cleanings. Really gets the crap out.
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    Well, you got good advice and got the job done too.
    Now that the fouling has been removed, you may want to consider a light polishing with the mild abrasive bore paste .

    That can help smooth things out to reduce fouling in the future.
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    Sounds like you were using corrosive ammo, in which case it's not going to get any cleaner.
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