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I am currently paying on a Mossberg ATR 100 for hunting with the family. I am mostly a shotgun kinda guy but I was talked into getting a .30-06. Now I have a new problem Remmington or Winchester brand for ammo. For the first few months I am going to be hitting the range to work on my rifle skills. So I ask all of you to tell me what brand you perfer and why. Also a good scope for the rifle, please keep in mind I work part-time and also a student so no $1000.00 scopes please. Thanks again in advance! God bless and be safe out there.


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    nikon or weaver for the $ watch the auctions for $1 NR and used. nothing wrong w/ a used leupold or a fixed power one also. leupold and several others have a lifetime (yours) warranty that is still good if you are not the orig owner.
    try a box of each ammo, buy more of the one that shoots best, use up the other w/ practice
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    I am currently looking at the $100.00 price range for a scope and i think i am going to try out a a box of both. I was looking at walmart today and they had a bushnel for 70.00ish is that a decent scope?
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    i geuss,,,,
    better than a tasco, but i would save up for something better
    there is not a bigger waste of money on this earth than cheap optics
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    quote:Originally posted by lynx_strife
    I am currently looking at the $100.00 price range for a scope and i think i am going to try out a a box of both. I was looking at walmart today and they had a bushnel for 70.00ish is that a decent scope?

    In that price range a Bushnell Trophy model is decent. A Burris 3x9 Fullfield II can be had for 160-190ish if you shop around and is an excellent value for the dollar with a good warranty.
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    After reading though this forum and other sites I now agree and understand about the qualilty of optics. It kinda hits me hard that the scope is nearly gonna be the price of my rifle. But for top notch shooting requires the right gear. Any one here have used the Mossberg ATR 100 Rifle? I have heard good things about it and want to see what you experts think. Thanks again and I am sure I will have more questions in the future.
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    lynx_strife, glad to see you understand about the optics. I have seen way to many people by quality guns, spend years, trying to figure out where to go on a dream hunt, then top off a good gun with poor optics and cheap ammo.

    Buy the best scope you can afford and look for something with a lifetime warrenty. In REALITY it is not uncommon to spend as much or more for the scope as the rifle, but I understand your situation of being a student.

    From a past experience, I had taken my rifle to the range to sight it in for a Texas white tail hunt after banging around in the woods of Northern Wisconsin. I do reload and had recieved info on bullet types, styles, and distances from my brother-in-law who lives in South Texas. After working up a load for that trip I cleaned and stored my rifle. Arriving in Texas by air I figured it was a pretty good idea to check my poi to make sure the cross hairs were still on.
    I was sick when I found my variable power scope was stuck on 10 and nothing could get it to dial down.

    The trip wasn't ruined because Texas has a lot of long distance shots, but it could have been if this had happened in the woods of Wisconsin.

    The manufacturer did replace the lifetime warrentied scope free of charge, no questions asked.

    As far as ammo is concerned each gun barrel has it's own harmonics and shoots different ammo or the same ammo of a different bullet weight, differently. See what yours likes to eat and practice, practice, practice. As you will soon see there are a lot of differences between that smoothed bore scattergun and a rifle. likemhot
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    bid up to 190, right before close
    good luck
    I just bought the 4.5-14 yesterday for $226 good deal!
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    You may do better buying a higher quality used scope than lesser quality new. If I absolutley had to go cheap (and I was once a student too) I would go with the best Bushnell I could possibly almost afford.

    As for ammo, you do not pick by brand name or box color. You let the rifle choose. What you need to do is run as many different brands/bullets through it as you can, noting which it shoots best, best being defined by which bullets go where you want them to go and closest together.

    Also, get the Burris Signature Rings (shop on line for best prices) and save the hassle/expence of having the scope mounted by a gunsmith or paying for a lapper to do it your self. You can bore site with out a columnator by looking down the barrel through an empty cartridge case with the primer knocked out. Line up the view through the scope and through the primer hole, then take it to the range to finish sighting in. Good Luck! Oh, Mossburg is not particularly known for its rifles, but it may be just fine. If it is on lay-a-way and you can change, look at Savage.
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    Anyone have any experiances with these???


    You could probably find a better deal on a nicer scope online. Check out

    Sportsmans guide had a Barska 3-12x40 mil dot for something like $65. Don't know much about the Barska line, but anything is better than a Tasco. Also look at Simmons, Nikon, and Burris scopes as well. It's better to spend a little extra on one than buy some peice of junk. I know first hand.
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