Rem model 700 300wsm problem

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I recently won on a GB auction a NEW REM MODEL 700 LSS in 300 WSM. I mounted and bore sighted my scope and went out to sight it in. I purchased a box of factory Winchester Super X 150 grn ammo to get on paper. Well..... After my first shot I could not lift the bolt. It felt like it was locked. I slowly applied more pressure and I managed to eject the spent round. The face of the cartridge was scraped from the bolt face ( it left a round circle ,I am assuming from the the ejector recess )The same thing occured on second shot. WHAT THE HECK!!! Is this a head space problem? Guy's I work with that reload said the rounds were over loaded. Put a micrometer on the neck and it has expanded .009 inches, is this too much? I am desperate for answers because I have a big hunting trip scheduled for next month. Plan on trying other ammo when I get a day off. Will send some pics of cases if I can get some decent ones. I would appreciate any info anybody may have. Thanks.


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    Does not sound like a headspace problem. Sounds like excessive pressure problem. .009 expansion is excessive..
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    So would you recommend different ammo or a gunsmith first. Can hardly immagine that factory ammo can be over loaded
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    I definately recommend getting different ammo. The lot you have is giving all the signs of being overloaded.

    A quick check of headspace is to take a sharpie/magic marker and color from just up the neck to all the way down the shoulder and then chamber that round and lift and drop the bolt several times. Please ensure you are doing this in a safe place and point the rifle in a safe direction if doing this at home. Anyhow, there should be a "rub" spot on the round if it is headspacing correctly. -good luck
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    Thanks for your replies. I hope it is an ammo problem. For your info the lot # on winchester ammo is 038 wg 82.
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    I to suspect ammo when the 25-06 first came out I got one and a box of ammo in each weight every thing went great on 87Grain and 100 Grain but when you loaded the 120grain the bolt was hard to close and when you opened the bolt it left the bullet stuck in the freebore of the barrel . On your problem I would call winchester ammo.
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    Good Morning and welcome to the Forums!

    Stop shooting this batch of ammunition.

    Everyone seems to be on the same track for your problem. I keep unfired ammunition and fired cases from some of the lot #'s of the first batches of ammunition produced for some factory cartridges as a base line for later production. I just measured the WSM batches and mine show 0.003" to 0.004" of expansion in the case neck which is just about average for factory produced ammunition and factory cut chambers. Sometimes you'll see some necks that wind up out of concentricity and slightly large but 0.009" is a little much in my opinion. Sometimes Remington doesn't get their chambers right, I've seen it before but usually it's just a long throat.

    I suggest that you cast the chamber and accurately measure the neck area on the casting. If it's still 0.009", call Remington Customer Service or Warranty Repair and discuss it with them. It is possible that you are measuring the burr at the top of the neck rim and that's throwing off your measurements.

    Winchester has had a couple of recalls on factory loaded ammunition that was a touch 'hot'. They exchanged it without any problems. Call Winchester, give them the lot # and explain the sticking bolt and the smeared case rim. My guess is that they will ask you to return the unused ammunition and they will replace it without problems. They have always been extremely helpful when I've had any problems at all.

    Let us know what you find out.

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