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This summer I picked up a 788 in 308 win and it shoots great, but today a friend of a friend told me of a problem with the 788 model. is there a problem with the bolts not locking in good or something of that nature? please advise. thanks to all who reply [?][?][?]


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    You'll have no problems with the bolts locking sufficiently for safe operation.

    Instead of two large locking lugs, the 788 uses a series of smaller lugs similar to the Weatherby. As with most mass produced rifles, to include the conventional bolts, not all the surfaces of each bolt perfectly mate with the cuts in the receiver. That's no indication of a weak or substandard action, just a manufacturing fact.

    It's a good strong action. Maybe your friend wants to buy it from you cheap?
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    dfletcher is correct, i have had the 788 in 4 different calibers and not a problem any of them! thanks
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    The 788 is a great rifle,the only problem or weak point Ive seen is the bolt handle is silver soldered onto the bolt body and if you ever get a stuck bolt and hit it to open it ,you can break it off. Ive seen this several times.
    Keep the chamber clean and and a good extractor working as it should and no hot loads and you wont have a problem.
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    Have never heard of any problem with a 788.
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    D.S.COLE has pegged this.
    These are some of the most accurate rifles ever made.
    Just don't use a ball peen to open the bolt after a hot load.
    Your "friend" is incorrect.
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    There is a website devoted to a hatchet job on the 788. The author must have dredged up every story he could find of trouble with one. Everybody I know who has one loves it. But what do I know, I only have two.
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    Your friend is mistaken or hasn't worded his objections correctly. Here is a good article that summarizes the Remington 788 with a fair completeness:


    Safety Notice:


    Production History:


    It's a great action noted for it's accuracy and relative safety.

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    The 788 was designed as a utility gun. Not for the benchrest crowd nor the gun "snobs" who find so many issues with it. I was a good quality (for it's price) gun for the lower and middle class hunter and shooter. For those guys that didn't need or want to pay for all the bells and whistles (like me). The three I had any experience with were tack drivers and took a beating and kept on ticking. The 6mm I had would shoot any load I fed it, including some of my first, crappy reloads into a quarter and often a dime at 100 yards. Since guys like me don't feel the need to shoot "hot" loads the problems associated with such are a non issue. Bottom line.. if the gun is used for what it was intended it is an excellent gun. Kind of like the Ruger BH.
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    The only issue with 788's I can recall was that the older ones required you to put the safety in the fire position before you could open the bolt.

    This was changed due to liability concerns 5-10 years before they went out of production.
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    I've got one in 308. Works perfect and is very accurate. They are very plain looking, but will get the job done.
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