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I have a leopold VARI 3 mounted on a wetherby mark 5. what is the measurement of the scope tube or how do I measure it?
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    the VX-III feature a 1 in scope tube UNLESS it is the Long Range model, then it will have a 30mm tube, how can you tell if it is a LR, I'll need to know what the power of the scope is to tell, the LR starts at 4.5-14X40, if your less than that you have the 1 in
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    I think what the question is is not the tube but rather what is the size of the front lens 40MM or 50MM 25.4 mm = 1 inch so if the front lens is just a RCH under 2 inches it is a 50MM scope.
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    scope is 3.5x 10
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    The tube is 1." There is no magic in tube size buy the way, we standardized at 1" and in Europe they picked 30mm, but the is not big difference, and in most cases no advantage to the 30mm.

    Use calipers if you want to be certainl of the size.
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