S&W 44 Mag, Age and Value

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I recently accquired a S&W 44 Mag Mod 29-3 Ser ALB 394X, It is blue 3". Can anybody tell approx how old it is? and what the other numbers stamped near the serial number are ie E4 386XX. I sure hope I got a good deal.


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    Last quarter of 1985, according to the S & W Book. With the 3" barrel and DOM of 1985, looks like it's one of 200 made for sale as the "Lew Horton Special".
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    You may have a Lew Horton Special (assuming it started life with a three inch barrel). Serial number range ALB falls in the 1985 time frame. The only three inch barrel Model 29-3 I can find is the Lew Horton Special. This is what the Standard Catalog ofr Smith & Wesson says:

    Lew Horton Special: Caliberr - .44 Magnum, Combat Magnum 3" barrel, contoured wood grips, adjustable white outline rear sight, red ramp front sight, smooth combat trigger, semi-target hammer. Product code: 101224. Only 200 manufactured Model 29.3 in 1985.

    Product code 101224 says:

    3" blue RB 200
    85/Manufactured for Lew Horton

    The Blue Book of Gun Values, 25th Anniversary Edition doesn't list a Model 29 with three inch barrel.

    Disclaimer: I'm a long way from being an expert, but I hope this is helpful.
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    Value wise, around my part of the country $500-550 for top condition piece. However, values can be significantly different from one area to another.
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    are you gonna sell it?...I want one[:D]
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    Well I guess I did ok for $176.00. [:)] It does have the smooth trigger, white outline rear sight, red ramp, I'm not sure about the hammer I don't know what I would be looking for, and Pachmyr rubber grips. So it sounds to me like it is a Lew Horton Special. But I fire all of my guns, I don't buy them just to look at and take up precious safe in the safe, and maybe sell later. I either target shoot in my yard (very large rural yard), or in the case of my shot guns, I shoot trap at our community trap range.
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