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It appears I am woefully under equipped and need an underfolder AK
which one?
what to stay away from?
how do they compare if the same price?
I would like wood and 7.62*39
I like my norinco HB NHM-91
It is going to be be used (i mean shot+ thrown around), I will spend $500 ish, but not more (can u get a underfolder cheaper?)


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    Shoot one first, if you can. The side of the metal underfolder stock, can be quite uncomfortable against the side of your face during recoil. If you intend to do a lot of shooting stick with the wooden stocked Norinco. My 2?.
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    I have to agree with Rufe, but the Yugo is nice, I had a 84s, and traded it off for that reason. I love My AK's, but prefer the full
    length stock. If I bought another shooter it would be the Yugo,
    but for a collectable go for the Poly with the milled reciever.
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    How about a Vector AK?
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    Here is a website that you might want to check out. http://www.ak47review.com/ It has alot of information on AK's. Another option for keeping the price down would be to build one yourself from a parts set. It's not that hard to do. You would need a new receiver, semiauto trigger group and some other U.S.A. made parts to make it legal. I would say a Yugo or a Polish underfolder. I'm putting together a Yugo M70AB2 underfolder now. When you put it together yourself you can select the quality of the parts or make changes as to how you want it to look. Also, you can tell your buddies That you made it.[^]
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    Rufe is correct especially in cold weather. The 223 underfolder isn't as bad because of it's lesser recoil.
    As folders go the Chinese sidefolder is the best of them. It's hand grip is plastic which is narrow enough to readily get in back of the sights and it's warm to the cheek.
    Craning your neck to get in back of the sights is much worse on underfolder AKs than on AR15s.
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    Thankks guys I will play around some more. just for fun, but also like how compact they are, think the side folders look crappy
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    quote:Originally posted by tsavo303
    Thankks guys I will play around some more. just for fun, but also like how compact they are, think the side folders look crappy

    you are looking at the wrong type of sidefolder then,.

    fixed stock feels ok to me,.. i cant stand the underfolders,. but i have a UF kit to build anyway,. the wire (folds to the right side) folder are not that bad,.. it is a cheap way to get a rifle more compact and easier to carry,...but i cant stand how close it is to the charging handle,.. thats the only problem i have with them.

    now,.(this picture is a year old,.. it is dressed in Plum now) what you see here is a 5.45x39mm kit built Bulgarian AKS-74, the stock folds to the left side of the rifle and gets latched in place when folded,. as for feel,.. man i tell you this and the AK-100 series folding stocks can not be beat. the recoil is redicously light,. and the accuracy will suprise you.



    now they do cost a bit more,...but they are worth every penny. build it your self or buy a completed one,. i think Ohio Rapid Fire has some fixed and folders in stock

    ***the ammo for these rifles goes thru dry spells on a regular basis,.. so when you can find it in stock get a extra case or two to put away for the lean times. i have had good results with the black box Wolf 60gr. FMJ and the Barnaul / Silver bear
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    that is nice, i would consider that kind of folder!
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    I just built a Romanian AK underfolder, and I like it very much. I have about $300.00 in it. If you shop around you can come out pretty good on the overall price.
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