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I have a Model 42 that I would like to take dove and quail hunting this fall, but it is missing the plug in the magazine tube and holds 5 in the tube. Fish & Game doesn't seem to like that. I have a dowel for a plug, but can't seem to remove the tube to put it in. Don't want to start removing screws before I find out. I can un-screw the tube and pull it part way out, but not all the way. Any ideas? Too nice to experiment on. [:D]

Thanks in advance.....



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    Hello blackpowdermax: Well lets start with your dowel. The standard dowel that Winchester used is 10 1/2 inches long, and 3/8 in. in diameter.

    First you will have to pull the magazine locking pin. That's the round pin just in front of the mag band. It has a spring hook, so you may need a small flat nose screw driver to fit in the little slot to depress the spring to pull it out. Once it is out, put it back in just a tad. Now remove the 1 screw that's on the side of the magazine tube, that holds the mag plug and stop. Once the screw is out, put your finger over the end and pull the pin. Now since it may have been awhile since this was dissassembled, you may have to rotate it back and forth to break it free. Once the end is out, I recommend you clean the spring, mag follower and the inside of the tube. (Run your cleaning rod down the inside. Lube it and put the follower, and spring back, insert your dowel,gently work the mag spring back in, put the mag plug and stop back in, put the pin in then the screw.

    Regardas Dave
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    Dave.....thank you very much, your instructions were excellent and I now have a plug in the 42. Didn't help my skills in dove hunting much, but sure had fun trying. The 410 makes it a little tougher than the 12 gauge. [:)]

    Again thanks...........

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